Our Story


Our Story

We use the name Blacksmith after we restored the J.M. Wilbur Blacksmith shop which was founded in the picturesque ski mountain town Eden, Utah, in 1893*. 

We took our inspiration from the fact that early in the 20th century it was America’s Blacksmith shops that evolved from building and repairing horse powered transportation to be among the first entities repairing, building, selling and racing early automobiles and motorbikes.


Our Mission

Old Trucks like Broncos, Defenders, Blazers and Land Cruisers are often met with a viscerally excited “thumbs up” reaction when seen on the road.

Unfortunately, many of these old trucks struggle to keep up with traffic on the freeway. 

Blacksmith Engineering Co. was created to synthesize some of the beautiful truck designs from our automotive past with modern technology.

Our goal is to hand build a ‘best-ever’ version of that truck defined in terms of performance, torque, comfort, capability and other elements.

We expect to create 2 or more extraordinary trucks per year for discerning clients.

We do this while vigorously holding onto the ‘soul’ of the original vehicle. 

We eschew gaudy updates of classic trucks.



*In 2017, the shop was placed on the National register of Historic Places.