Build Philosophy

According to Wikipedia, Optimization is defined as:

“the selection of the best elements (with regard to some criterion) from some set of available alternatives”.

Blacksmith Engineering’s build Philosophy is to take a beautiful idea from automotive history and create the ‘Optimized’ version of that vehicle that will provide the desired ‘Elements’ for the owner by selecting from the technology ‘alternatives’ that were invariably not available when the vehicle was first conceived.

Build elements can include acceleration, top speed, torque, engine sound, ride stiffness/comfort, towing ability, people carrying capacity, weight, cabin tech, gearing, fuel efficiency, cargo space, off road capability etc. etc. etc. Obviously, no one vehicle could or should have every element.

To explain by way of example:

For our Defender "ANV-LR1", one element we wanted was to stay true to was the Defender's diesel roots.  We wanted a turbo charged diesel.  So, one's mind might jump to the installation of a modern Ford F-350 V8 turbo diesel or a Cummins 6.7L turbo diesel.  

However, the 'Criteria' was that the motor fit in the engine bay of a Land Rover Defender 110 and that clearly ruled out the Ford and Cummins alternatives. They were way too big.

So, which motor in the world would be the best optimized alternative of a turbo diesel but would also work with the criteria of fitting in the engine bay?

Enter a completely rebuilt and refurbished Cummins Diesel 3.9L 4BT replete with some special turbos designed by our chief engineer, Brad Story.

In our mission to create the 'ultimate' Turbo Diesel Defender, this was just one of many Optimization algorithms. There were many other elements we had to solve for:

  • a truck with best in class good looks,
  • the iconic diesel engine sound,
  • unmistakable Landie torque (ANV-LR1 dyno'd at 580ftlbs of torque at 2000rpm),
  • great performance (ANV-LR1 dyno'd at 230hp at 2000 rpm at 5000 ft above sea level – incredible power at such low rpms),
  • a truck with an enhanced suspension that can off-road in a desolate location but is still comfortable and fast enough to commute to work every single day ...

If these are elements important to you ... then ANV-LR1 is the best Defender in the world.